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Do NOT Make These 10 Mistakes While Building Your Business

Do NOT Make These 10 Mistakes While Building Your Business an Elite Thinkers Mastermind Session

1)Do NOT “Fake it Till You Make It”

2)Do Not Have 10 Income Streams

3)Do Not lead with a Sales Pitch

4)Don't Begin Using Paid Ads too Quickly

5)Do Not Buy Another Course it is Not the Answer med with the Tech Stuff

7)Do Not Take Things Personally

8)Do Not Waste Time Creating Until You Know the Demand for It

9)Do Not Consume More Than You Create

10)Do Not look at What People sell, Watch What They Do to Sell

📖My Story

I am Brady Theodore The "Gotti" At 60 PLUS (and crushing it) myself like many are on the back side of mid life. We have gotten here by way of learning life's lessons the hard way without giving much thought to how or when the journey will end. Never really preparing ourselves for what comes next as we passed what some people may think is the "Prime of Life". I believe in my heart and soul that my life is just beginning... My claim to fame is: I am here, healthy and wise living and loving each day to the fullest while helping others to become financially stable with enough residual income by way of personal branding to continue to do what makes me happy.


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