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What is the FREE Tapestri App?

What is the Tapestri App?

I am talking about the free Tapestri App and how you can benefit by signing up to Tapestri and monetizing your data, and how you can take it further and build passive income by promoting your member affiliate link.

Tapestri is a technology company using a two-tier affiliate compensation plan to distribute the Tapestri app.

All users that consent to allow Tapestri to use their location data and set their “location” in the app settings to “Always” will earn an estimated $5 to $25 a month. This will be determined by the actual value of the data collected and paid monthly.

There will be a refer a friend feature in the app and for everyone you share the app with you will earn $1 per month, if that user remains active (has the app installed and location set to “always”). There is no minimum or maximum regarding the number of apps you can give away with your link.

The option to become an affiliate will be made available on the Tapestri website and on the app. A Tapestri affiliate must first be an active Tapestri app user. Therefore, an Affiliate cannot uninstall the app and basically refer themselves. If an Affiliate uninstalls the app, they deactivate themselves as an Affiliate. A Tapestri affiliate must agree to terms and conditions, pay a $9.95 monthly subscription fee, agree to the “Terms and Conditions” and complete their profile in the Tapestri Affiliate program back office in order to be an active Affiliate. Founder's Club Membership: A Tapestri affiliate that enrolls and pays a $9.95 prior to the launch of the Tapestri app gets the first twelve months FREE!

As a Tapestri affiliate you will receive $1 per user per month on your second level in addition to the $1 per user on your first level. Note: users must be active to generate the income for the affiliate.

Finally, there will be special benefits and rewards for those that earn “Super Affiliate”! A Super Affiliate is an affiliate that has at least ten (10) active affiliates on their first level at the end of month. These active affiliates do not have to be “new” affiliates each month, just a total of ten personally enrolled by the Super Affiliate.

Super Affiliates share in the rotation of “orphan” app users. An “orphan” app user is one that comes to Tapestri without a connection to an existing user, affiliate, or super affiliate. For example, he or she just found us on the Apple or Google Play Store. Qualified Super Affiliates in one month are rewarded with “orphans” based on equal rotation with all other Super Affiliates the following month.

Super Affiliates also earn a 50% matching bonus on all affiliates and Super Affiliates in their levels one and two. The matching bonus does not apply to another Super Affiliates matching bonus.

How do you sign up for Tapestri?

Here is the Tapestri Sign Up page.

Create an account and fill out your profile.

Download the Tapestri app (IOS or Android) and install it (Tapestri app is in development and you will be notified when the app is ready to download)

Pay the $9.99 affiliate program fee to lock in for 1 year

Promote your Tapestri sign-up link and build your downline while the app is completed.

📖My Story

I am Brady Theodore The "Gotti"

At 60 PLUS (and crushing it) myself like many are on the back side of mid life. We have gotten here by way of learning life's lessons the hard way without giving much thought to how or when the journey will end. Never really preparing ourselves for what comes next as we passed what some people may think is the "Prime of Life". I believe in my heart and soul that my life is just beginning...

My claim to fame is: I am here, healthy and wise living and loving each day to the fullest while helping others to become financially stable with enough residual income by way of personal branding to continue to do what makes me happy.


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