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Is learning Facebook Advertising Hard or Can I really Do It Myself?

If you stopped to read this article because you hoped to find a secret, surefire way to create a successful Facebook Ads campaign, you can look away, I can’t help you.


 However if you…

·         Are in the early stages of a new business

·         Have little data on a target market

·         Are not afraid to dive into the ‘complexities’ of Facebook Ads

·         Have a small marketing budget

Hang around for a bit, Laurel might have something to offer. However, I’m not going to lie, Facebook Ads are hard. But they aren’t impossible.

Anyone with a bit of time, patience, intuition and an awesome coach can have a go at Facebook Ads without spending more than $7.00 a month.

Let me introduce you to Laurel my favorite My Favorite Social Media Strategist.

Get LIVE AD COACHING and ON-DEMAND TRAINING with a top-rated Facebook Ad Expert For Only $7/MONTH 

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Lesson Sneak Peek: How To Effectively Spend Your First $100 On Ads
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